Gifting Ideas for Family

Gifting Ideas for Family

For giving gifts on special occasions of your loved ones, you can turn to your repository of photographs of moments you have spent with them. Photographs of happy memories presented in a creative manner make for some of the best gifts. Photo gifts are personal, the recipient will definitely never give it away, and if it’s beautifully packaged, he/she would also display it – covering all your gifting goals.

Tried and True Idea:

1. A handwritten note by mail every week. Just letting her know you are thinking of her is priceless.

Creative Ideas:

2. Create a playlist with upbeat songs and burn them to a CD or gift them on iTunes.
3. Drawings, poems or art projects made by your kids.
4. A goofy limerick written by you or a comedian.
5. A video card. Have one person pick a song and ask friends to dance or sing to it. Have one person pull all videos together (iMovie) and send one video card. This can be done with kids, too.
6. A collage of old and new personal photos.
7. A collage from magazines of inside jokes or funny heartthrobs from childhood.
8. Come up with a weekly text theme. Send a funny memory via email or text on Throwback Thursday.

Comfort Clothes & Food Ideas:

9. A basket of juicy magazines.
10. New cute pajamas.
11. New yoga/sweat pants.
12. A basket full of organic teas or coffees.
13. A fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements.
14. An organic fruit subscription.
15. A wine membership from California Wine Clubs.
16. Your favorite humorous book on CD or iTunes.
17. Yoga or exercise DVDs.
18. Goofy fun socks (Wonder Woman, neon high socks.)
19. An herb, tomato or small vegetable potted plant.
20. Soups. Cook or buy so that she can freeze.

Some photo gift ideas to make you seem like the king or queen of gifting.

Gift Ideas for family
Childhood Memories Print Collage: If you’ve known the person since they were born (siblings, children, grandchildren), then a personalized photo collage of memories from their childhood would make a lovely gift.

Whole Family Gift IdeasCoffee Table Photo BookSelect some vibrant, fun, and candid photographs of your friend or family, get a YouBook  – a coffee table book of photographs, made for them. This can be an ideal gift for weddings (family & friends both), milestone anniversaries and birthdays.

Gift Ideas for family
Personalized Photo Album: You can also create a photo album book. Choose photographs of special times together and get them printed in different finish and sizes. You can also add descriptions or short funny notes for each photograph.

Whole Family Gift Ideas

Photograph in a Bottle: If you have just one or two photographs, then you can consider using delicate transparent glass bottles or mason jars with decorations instead of photo-frames to showcase these photographs. Get them printed and channel your creative juices.

Photo Posters: Simple and classy, posters-size prints of photographs also make for interesting gifts. Choose a photograph of a special occasion and get it printed into a poster in a customized size and layout.

Family Gift Ideas:

Toys, books or any present for her child.
A favorite family board game.
A few different decks of cards including family favorites like Uno or personalizedplaying cards.
A yearly magazine subscription.
A Netflix subscription and HBO or other TV series DVD box sets


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