Gifting Ideas For Friends

Gifting Ideas For Friends

Birthdays, anniversaries, or just another happy day – gifting presents is now more a cultural thing than a formality. And that’s a great thing because it is always an amazing feeling to receive some sort of an appreciation, love, affection in a thoughtful way. In fact, there doesn’t even need to be an occasion for gifting. You can simply come across something amazing and decide to get it for someone. But even when you do that, you can be creative with it.
Long gone are days when there were a dearth of gift options and mugs were everyone’s go-to. There are far better options available everywhere to show someone your love for them. Nah, we are not talking about grand things that will burn a hole in your pocket. Here are three simple and thoughtful things you can gift someone, and manage to stay out of the box.How does your friend like to communicate? What might make her smile? Spending a few extra minutes to send a thoughtful package could literally make a stressed out, tired and anxious friend, who is too busy for visitors, laugh. Sending an email to a sick health-conscious friend about your interest in helping her research healthy food delivery services might relieve her tremendously.


Here’s an idea – how about going to the closest nursery and buying a potted plant for a friend? Or maybe a money plant, or some other creeper plant that they can plant around their window. Green and clean.



Buying ready made clothes for friends can ge a drag when you are worried about the size and other factors. How about some quirky printed fabric for them to get something stitched?


Adult Coloring Books

The mandalas and the motifs to be coloured are supposed to be a fun activity and a stress reliever. And God knows we can all use some of that. These colouring books are quite a rage these days.

A friend’s birthday or anniversary is a cause for celebration, but in such a happy moment, one thing that always stands out like a sore thumb is the trouble in finding the perfect gift for them. You might have known that friend for years, but in such moments, it is very hard to think of any particular thing that they’d like or want. While some people prefer store-bought gifts, others are all about the DIY’s. Follow thisa list of anniversary gift ideas for friends you can consider gifting your friends and loved ones on their special day


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